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If you wish to order from Saint Stephen's Storehouse, please take a look at the pdf catalog at the bottom of the page - it has a list of all available items as well as the prices. If you want to pay online, use our SSPX donation page and choose "ArchConfraternity of Saint Stephen" as the "Special Purpose", otherwise, you can pay by check (please see the ordering information in the catalogue.) If you have trouble with pdf files, read this.

If you just want freebies, here you go.

Asperges & Vidi Aquam Card

Laminated, double-sided, full-colour card with the Asperges on one side and the Vidi Aquam on the other side. Comes in our signature "ring border" design.

Asperges Card Asperges Card (back)

Incensation Card

Laminated, full-colour card with the Incensation Prayer for High Mass. Comes in our signature "ring border" design.

Incensation Card

Rogation Days Ceremonial for Procession & Mass

One little full-colour, 20-page booklet for the entire Rogation Day. It has the entire Litany, including the part in campo as well as all the chant for the Antiphon, Mass, and Kyrie XVIII. You won't need a liber or photocopies anymore.

Rogation Days Booklet (cover) Rogation Days Booklet (sample)

Altar Card Sets

We have two different designs. The main altar card is 11x17. The set with the Ring Border is the same design we used for the Benediction cards.

Gospel Side Card - Blue Design Main Altar Card - Blue Design Epistle Side Card - Blue Design
Gospel Side Card - Ring Design Main Altar Card - Ring Design Epistle Side Card - Ring Design

Benediction Cards

These are a set of two heavy-laminated prayer cards, approximately 8"x11".

  • The first is comprised of: Divine Praises, Oremus Pro Pontifice, Tantum Ergo and the Seasonal Orations for Our Lady.
  • The Companion Card has: Mysteria Rosarii, Prayer to Saint Michael, Saint Joseph's Prayer and the Angelus / Regina Coeli.
Benediction Card - Front Benediction Card - Back Companion Card - Front Companion Card - Back

Vesting Cards

Vesting Prayers cards with the name of our new Papa Franciscus. These cards can be made custom with the name of your Bishop, or you can simply order them blank. They come in two sizes:

  • Full Size - 10" x 7" (or, if we don't trim them, they can fit perfectly into an 8 1/2 x 11" frame; Please indicate to us whether you wish your card to be trimmed.)
  • Slim Size - 4" x 91/4" (for posting on your Sacristy Cabinet)

Don't forget to tell us the name of your bishop!

Vesting Card - Full Size Vesting Card - Slim Size

Kyriale Card

Is your priest having trouble remembering how to intone the Ite Missa Est? If so, then you need a Kyriale Card! Our double-sided card has intonations for every Kyriale for the Gloria, Credo and Ite Missa Est. This card is 7 1/2" x 8 7/8" and comes laminated.

Kyriale Card (front) Kyriale Card (back)


New Saint Joseph Card

This pdf is a freebie - it prints two full-colour in our ring-border style, front-to-back Saint Joseph Cards with the Litany of the Saint Joseph and the Prayer to Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church on one side, and the Act of Consecration to Saint Joseph on the other side.

Saint Joseph Card (front) Saint Joseph Card (back)

Sacred Heart Card

This pdf is a freebie - it prints two full-colour, front-to-back Sacred Heart Cards with the Litany of the Sacred Heart on one side, and the Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart on the other side.

Sacred Heart Card (front) Sacred Heart Card (back)

Saint Blase Blessing Card

For the Feast of Saint Blase, we have this pdf that prints two copies of the Blessing - all you need to do is print it and cut it out.

Saint Blase Blessing Card

Ash Wednesday Card

For Ash Wednesday, this pdf prints four copies of the Benediction Cum Cineris - all you need to do is print it and cut it out.

Ash Wednesday Card

Psalm Tone Card

This pdf is a freebie - it prints two full-colour, front-to-back Psalm-Tone Cards with the Eight Tones of the Psalms, which will nicely slide into your Liber Usualis.

Psalm Tone Card (front) Psalm Tone Card (back)

ACSS Booklets

Check out the ACSS Handbook since we completely reformatted it and in colour!

Download ACSS Handbook

Saint Stephen's Storehouse Catalog

Saint Stephen's Storehouse is the official catalog for the SSPX's ArchConfraternity. Therein you will find everything from Acolyte Medals to T-Shirts to Liturgical Supplies. The catalog includes an order form with contact information.

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