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What's new since January 24th?

Get your free Ash Wednesday Card! Okay, we've had this for awhile, but now's the time to download it.

However, we do have a new Saint Joseph Card to go with your collection of things you use on the Altar Step.

(There are also a other freebies on the Storehouse page)

New Saint Joseph Card

This pdf is a freebie - it prints two full-colour in our ring-border style, front-to-back Saint Joseph Cards with the Litany of the Saint Joseph and the Prayer to Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church on one side, and the Act of Consecration to Saint Joseph on the other side.

Saint Joseph Card (front) Saint Joseph Card (back)

Ash Wednesday Card

For Ash Wednesday, this pdf prints four copies of the Benediction Cum Cineris - all you need to do is print it and cut it out.

Ash Wednesday Card

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